Thomas Trio And The Red Albino

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February 06 2012
WOW this is something. From The Telegram

"Thomas Trio and the Red Albino are reuniting for a three-gig set in St. John's this summer.

The St. John's ska/rock band - which included Jody Richardson, Lil Thomas, Louis Thomas and Danny Thomas - broke up in the early 1990s.

The band will play three shows: July 23 and 24 at The Ship, and July 26 at The Majestic. Tickets are $25 and go on sale Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. online at

February 17 2011
We're still here. Send content if you have.

September 9 2007
Photos and many new articls added courtesy of Jinx.

May 17 2007
Just added, courtesy of Louis and Lil Thomas themselves is a 3 CD collection of Live songs recorded to DAT from over the years. I have dubbed it "The Thomas Collection" and it contains over 2 hours of live favorites, covers and unrecorded gems.

May 15 2007
Poster from final show September 30 1993 provided by Keith Pomakis - in FIne Print section.

March 29 2007
I have just set up a new site called The Canadian Music Forum. It is going to be a resource for where to find information on Canadian Bands on the Net (presently under construction). It is also a huge Music Forum for all Canadian Band discussions old and new, present and extinct.

March 15 2007
A few new articles added courtesy of Darryl Bennett. I converted the audio from the live Waldo's Videos provided by Jon Moyes and have added it as a live audio show.

March 10 2007
Articles Section Added.

March 8 2007
Live Videos added. These are Live Videos, some of which include members of The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir from June 7th 1991 at Waldo's in Halifax, NS. These were filmed by Jonathan Moyes. It was Jody's Birthday. The Ear To The Ground video is from the 1991 CBC show. There is also one for The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir which can be found here, and one for The Rheostatics which can be found here.

March 6 2007
Site launched. This site came to be from the contributions and support of Jonathan Moyes, Stephen Legge, Todd Sauvé, Colin Squires and Darrin Cappe. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the betterment of this site, email me at